Hair Extensions

If you are looking for hair enhancements to your natural hair or to completely cover your own hair can find a service for you here. Any hair type can wear hair extensions. These extensions can be braided extensions, or weave extensions that can be colored, cut, and styled.

People who suffer from scalp conditions, thin or thinning hair, or who just want to add enhancements to their existing hair wear hair extensions. Some types of extensions are sewn in, boned or braided into the hair.

Wigs are another form of hair enhancement that are popular today. Wigs can by colored, cut, and styled. Talk to one of our stylists to find the extensions that fit your needs.

When it comes to hair extensions, there are many options when considering the type of fiber you need to achieve your style of choice. There are those that will go for the cheaper option but also it is important to think about the success in pulling off the style and durability of the hair extension.

It may prove to be better to stick with the economical approach-especially when buying in bulk. If you go cheap you may be stuck with a bunch of hair you can’t do anything with except use it to stuff something with. Below are the most common types of hair used in extensions.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair is the top of the line in hair extension fibers. You can find a human hair extension that matches your hair color perfectly. Human hair extensions allow for versatility as you can add color or highlights for example. The fiber also feels good to the skin and is less likely to cause irritation. Because the hair market has grown so big and is flooded with deception, it is very important to find a distributor you trust.

Kanekalon Hair Extensions

Kanekalon is a high quality synthetic fiber. You can find kanekalon in many different colors, brands, and textures. You can find kanekalelon fiber that is heat-resistant as well as not. Some products work really well for braid styles and others can be closely compared to human hair allowing you to wash and curl the hair. The hair is very durable, and as stated with human hair you get what you pay for. Similar to human hair, kanekelon can have the appearance of human hair and can be used in braided extensions such as singles or crotchets or used in the construction of synthetic hair units such as ponytail attachments or synthetic hair bun attachments.

Kanekalon Hair Extensions Peoria, AZ
Crochet Hair Extension Braiding

Crochet Hair Extensions

Crochet braiding is a way of adding extensions to one’s hair. As with a weave, the basis of the method is first cornrowing one’s hair then applying the extensions to the cornrows. Unlike a weave, however, the hair used is loose and not on a weft. And instead of being sewn in, crochet hair is kind of looped under the cornrows with a crochet needle and secured with a knot.

Nylon or Rayon Synthetic Extensions

Nylon and rayon extensions are cheaper alternative to synthetic fibers. The fiber is very shiny and reflects light. Nylon and rayon synthetic fibers do have a down side. This fiber cuts the natural hair and I have had experience with cuts on my fingers while I applied the extension hair. This fiber is used in unit constructions such as wigs however units made with the fiber are for short term use where human hair units can last for years and many more wears. Heat cannot be applied as an styling option.

Yarn Extensions

This is the yarn sweaters and scarfs are made of and yes, it is used in hair extensions. The yarn can be found in cotton or nylon fiber blend. You can find get yarn at a very low cost. Yarn doesn't reflect light giving the braid or dread extension a matte finish. The fiber is soft, light, and comes in a variety of colors. The yarn will stretch when it is wet but will stay firmly attached to the base making the fiber very durable and styles using yarn long lasting. The downside to yarn is it is very drying to the hair and will suck the moisture right out of your hair. When using this fiber, the hair should be heavily moisturized and moisture should be maintained throughout the duration of the style. Yarn fiber is used to repair broken dreads or extend dreads or as braided extensions making it a great option to give the illusion of natural kinky textured hair.

Lin Extensions

Lin is an African wool fiber that also has a matte finish. This fiber only comes in 2 colors, black and brown. Be very careful when applying this fiber to the hair as well as while wearing as it is highly flammable. This fiber is used in style such as kinky twist because it has a natural kinky hair look when used in braiding or twisting extension techniques.

Yak Extensions

Yak also known as Yakky hair is shaved and processed hair from a domestic ox found in the mountains of Tiber in Central Asia. Yak hair is normally blended with human hair. This helps to remove the manufactured shine and make the hair look more natural. Yak hair has a texture similar to some ethnic hair types. Yak is a great alternative to human hair. It can be chemically treated, heat can be applied to it similar to human hair, and is just as versatile as human hair. Yakky hair fiber is a cheaper alternative to human hair.

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