Hair Braiding

Hair braiding can be a simple two braids on each side of the head or an artistic pattern of braids that will be longer lasting. Braids can be beautifully arranged in hundreds of different ways. All hair types can wear braids whether for a quick look or a longer lasting braid style.

Have dreadlocs? We have services for you as well. Here, we initiate dreadlocs, maintain, and style them as well.

It is very important to care for the scalp and the hair when braiding. We strive to keep the scalp and hair healthy by using professional products and careful techniques as we provide our customers with various braiding services.

It is very important to not put too much tension on the scalp when binding the hair in braiding techniques. Braids should not be painful or cause discomfort for long periods of time. If this happens the braids are too tight. When the hair is pulled too tight this can cause hair loss. Once the hair follicle is pulled from the scalp and there is damage caused hair cannot grow until the scalp heals and there is a nice chance hair will never grow in the same spot again.

No Extension Braiding


Single Braiding

Spring Twist

Extension Braiding - Cornrows


Feed-in Cornrows

Knotted Cornrows

Extension Braiding - Single Braiding




Extension Braiding - Two Strand Twists

Kinky Twists

Silky Twists

Spring Twists

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