Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions are literally as they are named. First, they are hand tied using a technique that is hundreds of years old. The hair is tied to strings using a technique called “wefting”. The process is very intricate and time consuming. This technique allows for the extension to have an even distribution of hair and are lighter in weight and much less bulky. The Hand tied technique allows the wefts to be worn discreetly as they are virtually undetectable. As you can imagine, hand tied hair extension is the Hollywood of wefting comparable to sequence that is machine sewn.

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Weft Hair Extensions

Machine sewn hair wefts are assembled using a sewing machine vs the hand tied extensions that is assembled by hand. Machine sewn wefts are made much more quickly and in some cases in a matter of minutes depending on the experience of the maker. These wefts tend to be heavier and bulkier than hand tied wefts. Due to the machine use to assemble the wefts, they are cheaper in comparison of hand tied wefts.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Both can be connected to the hair using various techniques such as tapping, sewing, clipping, or gluing. These are just some examples of how hair extensions can create hair styles and enhance beauty.